19 de março de 2013

OVERVIEW - We are stardust

"(...) in another words it was pretty obvious from those descriptions we were stardust."

"(...) you gain a new kind of self awareness."

"When they came back to me a few weeks later, they said, “Well, in the ancient literature we found a description called ‘savikalpa samadhi’. That means that you see things as you see them with your eyes, but you experience them emotionally and viscerally, as with ecstasy, and a sense of total unity and oneness."

"within the western tradition I think it's quite new and quite shocking because there as been much more the sense of separation. But if you look at other non western cultures specially in Asia, the enfasis on those as always been on realization that the self and the world are nor separated from each other but that they are really interconnected, that the individual self and the species are at all is a manifestation of the larger all."

"(...) it's the key to our survival, we have to start acting as one species, with one destiny. We are not going to survive if we don't do that."

"(...) it's not just fixing an economical or political system but is a basic world view, a basic understanding of who we are that's in stake(...)" "And a part of that is to come up with a new story a new picture a new way to approach this and to shift our behaviors in such a way that it leads to a sustainable approach to our civilization as a posed to a destructive approach."

"(...) we are endangering our future, then we got to learn how to do it differently and to go forward into a sustainable period and wright now that seems pretty difficult, pretty difficult to see how it's going to be but we got to work on it." 

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